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Book Fundraiser

Storybooks where anything is possible: The Jono Papaya Book Series

Looking for some new story books for your kids? One of our amazing supporters has just launched the fantastic ‘Jono Papaya’ book series.

Discover a storybook series for your children that shows them they can do anything they put their mind to! Jono Papaya is a boy who lives on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. When Old Beard Coconut the pirate and his friends come to St Lucia to steal all the money, read what Jono has to do to save the day.









The Jono Papaya Books take you on 4 different exciting adventures, where In his wheelchair Jono fights pirates, becomes the peoples new king and finds his true love!

About the Books


  • These books were written in memory of Jono Popham who passed away from ataxia, by his physio Patrick Fitzgerald.
  • He was inspiration for the character of Jono Papaya, as he showed that if you put your mind to it, you can do it.
  • Each book features a dedication to Jono on the first two pages, and with every purchase you will be supporting Ataxia UK as 20% of the profits will be donated to us.
  • They are aimed at a reading age of 4-7 years old

Where can I buy them?

If you sell or create any products & you want to donate some of the profits to Ataxia UK, then get in touch!

Any Questions? Email Aaliyah at


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