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Employment Rights



Many people of all ages and career paths continue to work after being diagnosed with ataxia.

Symptoms of ataxia can make working in many environments difficult, however it is important to remember that people with all types of disabilities share the same rights as other job-seekers and employees. Therefore it is important to remember that employers must follow the rules outlined under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) which include all aspects of employment from recruitment to ending employment, for example;

  • arrangements for recruiting and selecting new staff
  • terms and conditions of employment, including pay and benefits
  • promotion, transfer or training opportunities
  • work placement opportunities
  • disciplinary procedures
  • performance management and attendance procedures
  • dismissal or redundancy
  • occupational pensions
  • the way that the work is arranged and performed
  • the physical features of an employer’s premises

You can find out plenty of information about laws in this area by visiting: https://www.gov.uk/rights-disabled-person/employment

Disability Rights UK have also put together this excellent employment skills guide for people with newly acquired disabilities or health conditions who want to get back into, or start employment.

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