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Ataxia UK accredited Ataxia Centres

Given the rarity of ataxia, accessing suitable treatment and care can be a difficult and long-term process. Ataxia UK is combatting this through their Specialist Ataxia Centres, where specialist neurologists are caring for people with ataxia and conducting first-rate research in the field.

About Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres
Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres are centres of excellence, where people with ataxia receive the best possible quality of care and a co-ordinated service combining diagnosis, treatment, support and research. They have been set up in direct response to needs identified by people affected by ataxia, as well as clinicians with expertise in the condition.

To achieve accreditation, centres have to comply with criteria devised following consultation with patients with ataxia and clinicians with an expertise in ataxia, to provide ‘excellence of care for the diagnosis and management of the ataxias, and access to a wide range of integrated services, as well as links to research programmes’.

Watch here to get a taste of what to expect at one of our centres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24HqxvCzVBg).

Getting an appointment
If you would like to gain access to a specialist healthcare professional in ataxia at one of our centres or clinics, you need to get a referral from your GP / neurologist. Referrals are accepted from GPs and neurologists throughout the UK.

If you are having any problems getting a referral, please do contact us at research@ataxia.org.uk.

If there are no accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres in your area, we also have a list of clinicians with an interest in ataxia and an Ataxia Specific Clinic located in Oxford.

Comments from patients
The following are comments from patients who have attended the London Ataxia Centre:

“All staff are experts in their field. Service delivered empathetically. An absolute lifeline.”

“Clear, joined up service, this was the first time I have been given clear answers about my condition.”

“I attend several hospitals because of my conditions and the ataxia centre is unique in providing highly co-ordinated care and continuity of care, as well as invaluable expertise.”

Our Specialist Ataxia Centres:

Sheffield Specialist Ataxia Centre


Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centre - Sheffield

Sheffield Ataxia Centre, Department of Neurology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S10 2JF
0114 271 1598

London Specialist Ataxia Centre


Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centre - London

National Hospital for Nuerology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London, WC1N 3BG

Sheffield Childrens Centre Specialist Ataxia Centre

Sheffield Children's Centre

Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Children's Centre - Sheffield

Sheffield Children's Hospital and NHS Foundation Trust, Ryegate Children's Centre, Tapton Crescent Road, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S10 5DD


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