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Welcome to the Ataxia UK Magazine

The ataxia magazine is a quarterly publication designed to keep you up to date on all things ataxia.

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Ataxia Magazine 210

Fundraising at home, investigating SCA2, our Research Impact Report 2020, stay connected with your community and volunteer with Ataxia UK.

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Ataxia Magazine 209

Raising awareness in Scotland, International Ataxia Research Conference 2019, Supporting you around Motability, and the new Ataxia UK ID Card.

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Ataxia Magazine 208

Exciting news on an FA trial, International Ataxia Awareness Day 2019, The Big Give 2019, Children’s Ataxia Centre in Sheffield and our new InControl project.

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Ataxia Magazine 207

Episodic ataxia type 1 results, International Ataxia Awareness Day, Music therapy and finding the right aid for you.

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Ataxia Magazine 206

SCA research, accessible airlines, raising awareness in Farnham and benefits of a gluten-free diet.

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Ataxia Magazine 204

NHS Genomic Medicine Service, exercises for ataxia and caring for someone with ataxia.

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Ataxia Magazine 203

Find updates on our Derby awareness campaign, a potential treatment for a rare SCA and how to become an Ataxia Ambassador!

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Ataxia Magazine 202

Read about recommended exercises from our Friends; hiring a PA, and changes to how we process your data (GDPR).

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Ataxia Magazine 201

2018 has begun with a bang! Catch up on the latest ataxia news here.

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Ataxia Magazine 200

Catch up with the latest on ataxia.

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Ataxia Magazine 199

Delve into issue 199 of the Ataxia Magazine for updates on ataxia awareness, new clinical trials in SCA6 and how to plan a wedding with ataxia.

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Ataxia Magazine 198

Catch up with the latest Ataxia UK news on research, community advice and fundraising this Summer issue for 2017.

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Ataxia Magazine 197

Read the Spring issue of 2017!

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Ataxia Magazine 196

Delve into our Winter issue for 2016, including advice on how to get through the winter.

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