Fundraising At School – Ataxia

Fundraising At School

Fundraising At School

Fundraising at school is an excellent way to raise awareness of your child's or pupil's ataxia; to help them feel more assured among school fellows and to feel ownership over how they are perceived.

We recently created a downloadable fundraising pack for schools, designed to encourage fundraising within your school. This pack includes:

  • a DVD that explains what ataxia is to children, by children
  • a series of stickers to give out at school
  • a couple of colourful wristbands and balloons (more can be ordered using the form below)
  • an ideas pack for fundraising ideas that a school can plan
  • a sponsorship form that can be copied and printed

We are also in the process of creating a slideshow that explains ataxia in a simple and accessible way that can be used for school assemblies or as part of a lesson plan.

If you need any support please do contact

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