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Covid-19 vaccine and gene therapy

Vaccines currently approved in the UK  At present, there are three Covid-19 vaccines approved for use in the UK:  Pfizer/BioNTech  Oxford/AstraZeneca  Moderna  How do these vaccines work?  Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines: Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines. These vaccines give our body the instructions to make the ‘spike protein’, which is a harmless piece found on the surface of …

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Covid-19 vaccine priority groups

Ataxia UK has recently been made aware that some people with ataxia are not being ‘flagged up’ on their GP’s systems as being in the appropriate priority group for the Covid-19 vaccine. Our Medical Advisory Panel strongly advise people with ataxia to have the vaccine when it is offered to them.  Priority Group 4 should include the following: Over 70 years of age with ataxia Ataxia with …

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News updates

Friday 5 February 2021 Paola Giunti has confirmed that patients from the London Ataxia Centre are being called by text for vaccination by UCLH. If you receive this text and take up the invitation, you will receive the Pfizer vaccine.

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Mental health and wellbeing Talking to children about illness NHS Living Life is a free and confidential telephone counselling service based on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach. The service is available to anyone over the age of 16 suffering low mood, mild to moderate depression and/or anxiety. The service can be accessed by referral from a …

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