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Click on the type of resource below to find Ataxia UK's publications, leaflets and guides on the information you need.

All of these publications are available in print to request from the office (; however to save on costs and our impact on the environment, we've made them available to download from the website.

Downloadable documents, leaflets and resources for support and services from Ataxia UK.
Great to share with someone who's newly diagnosed, a parent of someone with ataxia, or anyone who feels a bit stuck

Ataxia UK Videos Watch a variety of videos on our YouTube channel here.
Ataxia Online Read all about the support services we provide online. You can find out more about our online support here.
16-30's Leaflet Read an introduction to the 16-30's Project, what it offers and who it's for. You can read more about the project here.
Ataxia: A Parent's Guide An A5 booklet to assist parents in supporting their child with ataxia.

Downloadable publications, leaflets and documents for seeing what the Ataxia UK Research department have achieved, and are currently working on.
These can be great tools for seeking donations to your fundraisers, or just to demonstrate to others what Ataxia UK do in the world of ataxia research.

AUK Research Impact Report 2023 A summary of what Ataxia UK-funded research has achieved so far.
Ataxia UK’s Research Strategy 2022 – 2025 What Ataxia UK aims to achieve over the next few years.

Ataxia UK Image Downloadable documents, leaflets and publications to take to your GP, and help improve the healthcare you receive.

Summary of Clinical Guidelines for GPs A short leaflet summarising the best way a healthcare professional can manage ataxia and support you.
Ataxia UK Medical Guidelines A comprehensive document created through collaboration with ataxia specialist neurologists and other healthcare professionals. It includes comprehensive sections on diagnosis, medical interventions for symptom relief and therapies.

Downloadable leaflets, publications and documents that explain ataxia.
Great for sharing with loved ones, friends, workplaces and schools to help them understand what ataxia is.

What Is Ataxia? A5 booklet all about the condition.
What Is Friedreichs Ataxia? A5 booklet all about Friedreich's Ataxia.

Download our About Us document to read more about Ataxia UK.

About Us For a bit more information about the charity, our mission and how to contact us.
Ataxia Magazine Check out, download and print our latest issues of the Ataxia Magazine, to access support, ataxia research updates and information from people within our community.
Ataxia UK Poster Download and print off our Ataxia UK poster, saying who we are and why we raise funds.

Image of Ataxia UK ConferenceIf you were not able to join us in our conferences, please find a selection of presentations that highlight the talks.

Annual Conference 2019
Regional Conference in Wales 2019
Annual Conference 2018
Regional Conference in Scotland 2018
Annual Conference 2017

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