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How Is Ataxia Diagnosed?

It is sometimes difficult to get a diagnosis of the specific type of ataxia, as there are many different conditions that can seem very similar. Find out what investigations can be carried out here.

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About Ataxia

ataxia disrupts the communication between the brain and the body; the cerebellum and our muscles.

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Treatment and Care

Although there is currently no cure for ataxia, there are a number of treatments available to help with the symptoms people experience.

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Specialist Ataxia Centres

Ataxia UK accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres are centres of excellence, where people with ataxia receive the best possible quality of care and a co-ordinated service combining diagnosis, treatment, support and research.

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Support Services

Access a range of support services available to you from Ataxia UK.

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Help and Advice

On a range of topics from Mental wellbeing through to applying for benefits.

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