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One difficult aspect of living with ataxia is accessing the support you are entitled to. Over the past few years, applying to the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) benefit schemes has become harder and assessments tougher. The fluctuation and behaviour of some ataxic symptoms, coupled with the difficulty of knowing what you’re entitled to means that people with ataxia don’t always get the support they deserve.

seAp‘s new c-App can change this. The c-App is a website or smartphone application that offers information and guidance about the application processes for PIP and ESA, and tips on what to do to qualify. Through a practice questionnaire, it takes an applicant through example questions they’d be asked at an assessment, and lets them know which of their answers will help them qualify for support.

The app is accessible and easy to use, and you can save your answers that will help you qualify. Feedback from users includes:

"...using c-App meant I coudl practice the assessment. It gave me confidence to speak up and represent myself properly"

"c-App has made a massive difference – it’s meant I got assessed properly and have the right level of support”

Visit the c-App website

access both PIP and ESA questionnaires
access PIP questionnaire
access ESA questionnaire
watch a video on the c-App here

The website and app have been produced by seAp, an independent charity that provides free independent and confidential advocacy services in the South of England, and funded by the Legal Education Foundation and Comic Relief. These sites have been brought to you by seAp, an independent charity that provides free and confidential advocacy services, and has been developed by Neontribe.


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