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Support Services

Ataxia UK provide a number of different support services available to everyone.

Access To Our Helpline

Knowing what to do next after a diagnosis, or wondering how to support a loved one can be a bit intimidating; Ataxia UK are here to offer support, information and advice to anyone affected by ataxia.


Branches & Support Groups

Our Support Groups and Branches are what truly make Ataxia UK a nationwide charity. Living with a rare condition can feel isolating, and Ataxia UK aims to reduce that feeling by coordinating a network of groups across the UK.


Online Support & Forums

Ataxia UK runs a variety of online support networks, and is creating more all the time. You can read about our online channels by clicking below and see how to join our networks.


Voice Banking

Many people with ataxia experience problems with speech which worsen over time. Some lose the ability to speak altogether and use communication aids. Voice Banking enables you to create a personalised synthetic voice so your communication aid can sound how you want. 


Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy Service is a combined individual and group speech therapy course for people with ataxia who have speech difficulties. 



The Ataxia magazine is a quarterly publication designed to keep you up to date on all things ataxia. One of hte perks of being a Friend of Ataxia UK is having access to the Ataxia magazine straight off the printing press.


Ataxia UK Conferences

Throughout each year we offer a variety of conferences to all of our members to share stories, learn about our research and find out our plans for fundraising across the year and how we aim to find a cure for all of the ataxias.


Access To A Variety Of Grants

There are a number of trusts, foundations and wonderful individuals out there who offer financial assistance towards a range of things which can benefit those living with ataxia. Including the purchasing of a range of items and services, from aids and adaptations made to the home all the way through to skills-building and training.


Help For The 16-30 Age Group

The group is for anyone with ataxia aged between 16 and 30 years old, looking to meet with others and make friends. The group is to support young people with ataxia and acts as a support network. Speaking to others who know how you feel can sometimes be the best kind of support.


Ataxia UK Video Library

We have our very own Ataxia UK Online YouTube channel which has series of videos, and have put a collection of informative features together entitled 'Wobbly TV'. We also have some research videos which are aimed at ataxia researchers, parents and people with an interest in research.


Ataxia UK

Here you can find blog posts from our Friends, for our Friends.
They can feature anything from advice to personal stories, or thoughts and ideas about the future. If you'd like your work to be featured in this blog contact Communications Team at!


Order An Ataxia ID Card

Last summer, the very generous donations we received from Friends of Ataxia UK helped play a vital role to raise funds for a brand new ID card printer to produce new Ataxia UK “I’m not drunk” ID cards for people living with ataxia and a separate ataxia awareness ID card for relatives, friends and carers.


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