Taking part in research as a patient is a wonderful way to bring us ever closer to finding a cure for ataxia. Below is a list of current research trials and projects that are recruiting for patients with FA.

I would like to say that the nicotinamide trials I have been involved with have so far been encouraging and I feel proud to know that some day the quality of life of those with Ataxia may be improved.

- Patrick

Natural history study in Friedreich's ataxia (EFACTS)

Trial in London - Testing the effect of a drug called Omaveloxolone (also see trial website) RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED

Trial in Bristol - Testing the effect of a drug called 'granulocyte colony stimulating factor' in FA (also see here for more information) RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED

Effectiveness of a speech therapy technique called LSVT in improving communication in people with Friedreich's ataxia. RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED.

Developing new ways to measure the effect of treatments in FA. RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED.

Developing a new tool to measure how nerves are affected in FA - The researchers are particularly looking for people who have been diagnosed with FA in the past eight years. RECRUITMENT NOW CLOSED