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Read all about it…

Read all about it…

A common theme amongst people with ataxia is a steely determination to not be defined by their condition. Through incredible fundraising exploits to artistic endeavours and beyond, people with ataxia have been achieving so much for so long, without constraints of ataxia holding them back. Amongst these achievements several people living with Friedreich’s ataxia have put pen to paper and written books.  

We’ve put together a short list of a few books, written by people with FA, which are available online…and would certainly make a great Christmas present for your loved ones this festive period!  

After two years of hard work and effort Fraser Kennedy recently completed the writing and publishing of a life enhancing book ‘I’ve Decided Life is What you Make it’. The book is sure to make you smile, laugh and really make you think what a remarkable world we are living in today!

You can grab a copy of this superb book for just £9.99 at 

Matthew Law has Friedreich’s Ataxia. This has presented many challenges which he has met head on using the attitude: “If there’s a problem, there must be a solution!’ and it is in this way that he manages the problems that he faces daily. Matthew has written this book, and it is a positive affirmation of this. He tells his story clearly and honestly in the hope that whoever reads it, whatever challenges they face, by using the same positive attitude, can find their way through with joy. Grab a copy from Amazon here. You won’t be disappointed!

Balancing Against Walls is Hayley Smith’s autobiography written in May 2005 in conjunction with Charnwood Arts and, in particular, Ali Jacques. Hayley manages to successfully blend the story of her life with striking poetry in a way that flows naturally throughout the book. Hayley’s limited movement and coordination meant that an enormous effort went in to just getting the words on the pages, however the end result was well worth the wait. Pick up a copy here and enjoy!


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