Accessibility changes – Ataxia

Accessibility changes

Accessibility changes

Ataxia can affect your eyes and cause visual impairment, therefore, the Ataxia Magazine needs to comply with this so everyone can read it easily and comfortably.

After checking the latest accessibility guidelines, we have found necessary changes to make within the areas of text and content, layout, background colours and contrast. This change has begun and can be seen in issue 205. If you’re not already subscribed to the mag, you can become a Friend here and do so.  

In the past, some readers from the ataxia community have had to lift the magazine to their eyes in order for them to read it – maybe you’ve been in this situation, too? If so, please let us know how the new changes have been for you; have they helped? 

Text and content

The text in previous issues has been as low as 7 but is now a standard minimum of 12. This includes captions for images and page numbers. Word count has been reduced due to the larger text size, but this doesn’t mean you get less, as the copy will be more concise and tailored to the community. Similarly, as much as photos tell a great story, text will be prioritised, in order to accommodate content and prioritise accessibility. 

Image of computer keyboard



To assist with visual impairments, some readers may use magnifying aids when reading, because of this, the layout on the page will be consistent – justified to the left of the page. Images will not break into the text either, but will be presented around the page. If an image does cut into text, it will be from the right, but it will not disrupt your reading. 

Background colours and contrast

You will probably have noticed the Ataxia Magazine is bright and colourful, but accessibility guidelines state the contrast between a background and the text must always be at least 70% to ensure the best chance of a comfortable read. This will always be taken into consideration with the designer. This also applies to the e-news,
and for those of you who receive the magazine through PDF. 

Colourful Umbrellas To Show Colour Contrast


If you think we’re missing something, or have any recommendations to make the Ataxia Magazine more accessible, let us know by emailing or calling the office on 020 7582 1444.

Sign up as a Friend of Ataxia UK here and subscribe to the Ataxia Magazine.


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