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Thank you TBG23

This year, over 300 Friends of Ataxia UK came together to raise a wonderfully festive total of £47,659 during the Christmas Challenge week. Exceeding the original target by an amazing £3,659 and helping fund the expansion of vital ataxia services. 

Not to mention the best part – this total still excludes offline donations and Gift Aid!

In 2022 your generous support brought in a wonderful £38,542 through the Christmas Challenge. 

A wonderful total which ensured the development and continuation of the essential Ataxia UK Helpline and we're bringing The Big Give Christmas Challenge back in 2023 from midday Tuesday 28th November until midday Tuesday 5th December.

This year, however we have managed to smash the target and raise a stellar total of £47,659, exceeding the original target by £3,659!

“We urgently want treatments and cure. We fund and promote research with the aim of bringing this about. Until this is achieved, we will do all we can to provide support to people affected by ataxia, and improve the quality of treatment and care they receive, to enable them to have the highest possible quality of life.” – Wendy, Head of Services at Ataxia UK

This is the promise Ataxia UK makes to you and it is a promise we are committed to achieving – and this is why the Support Services Expansion Project was launched: to provide the ataxia community with the best support possible.

Extend Helpline hours to increase accessibility of the service

Increase range / quality of advice & information available

Commence preparations for Specialist Nurse Service

Monthly ‘All About Ataxia Plus’ information sessions

Other wellbeing & information sessions

& more...

Your support during the 2023 Christmas Challenge will help match-fund the first year of the five-year support services expansion project.

The Services department oversee so many vital tools for the ataxia community and it is important for ever-so-many. The first year of the Services expansion will focus on Information, Helpline and Advocacy Services...

How does The Big Give Christmas Challenge work?

Gifts are matched from a pot which has been created by Pledgers & Champions. Pledgers come from Friends within the ataxia community without whom none of this would not be possible. This year's Champion is the Reed Foundation.

During the Christmas Challenge week from midday Tuesday 28th November until midday Tuesday 5th December, this pot is used to match your gift. Until this pot runs out, all gifts made during the Big Give Christmas Challenge will be doubled. After the match pot runs out, gifts can still be made to this appeal and are gratefully received.

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