Find out how to refer a patient to one of our Specialist Ataxia Centres, or to clinicians / neurologists who have an interest in ataxia

Specialist Ataxia Centres

As the ataxias are relatively rare conditions, often with complex needs, patients are commonly referred to Specialist Ataxia Centres. Ataxia UK has established three ‘Ataxia UK accredited Ataxia Centres’ in London, Sheffield and Newcastle. If you are interested in referring a patient, please take a look at our Specialist Ataxia Centres page to see which is closest.

Specialist clinicians and neurologists

Download our list of clinicians with an interest in ataxia to access more expertise around the UK. All clinicians included on this list are available through the NHS, and some also run private practises.

There is also an Ataxia Clinic in Oxford.