Take part in IAAD with the 10.5 for 10.5 challenge 

As Covid-19 continues to impact lives, it is hitting communities, particularly ours, even harder. We are doing everything we can to continue providing support. You can help ensure this happens by
taking part in the 10.5 for 10.5.

10.5 represents the 10,500 people in the UK with ataxia. By doing 10.5 for 10.5 between 1 September and 31 October you will be the hope to transform lives with ataxia; raising funds and awareness.


1. Decide on your 10.5 challenge

Challenge yourself to do 10.5 or 10,500 of something – this can be anything you like. Running, walking, cycling, wheeling staying silent or anything in between! Take part individually or with friends, just make it 10.5 or 10,500.  

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Do a 10.5 km run, walk, wheel or row
  • Do 10,500 steps a day for a week, or join together with friends to hit the total together! 
  • Skip 10,500 times
  • Do 10 and half minutes of burpees
  • Do a 10.5 day sponsored silence!
  • Read for 10.5 hours over a week
  • Bake and sell 10.5 cakes
  • Bounce a ball for 10.5 seconds or minutes

2. Create a fundraising page and get your Supporter Pack

You’ll then have your very own personal link to send to all your friends, family and colleagues to ask to sponsor you!

Remember to add a photo and personalise the page so that your friends and family understand why you are doing this challenge, and why their support is so important.

Please just let us know if you need any support in setting up your page by emailing us on [email protected]

Once you're page is set up we will be notified and the team will be in touch to register you and organise sending you your very own supporter pack, which includes a free t-shirt or sports vest! We will be supporting you every step of the way.

3. Set your fundraising target

Set your fundraising target in relation to 10.5 or 10,500 - for example, £105 or even £1,050! You could use increments of 10.5 too, so £105, £210 ... 

4. Share your page with your friends and family

Make sure to let everyone you know that your undertaking the 10.5 for 10.5 challenge and ask them to sponsor you. If you share on social media make sure to use #tenpointfive and #teamataxiauk

5. Complete your challenge

Only thing left to do is do it!

Any Questions?

Contact us on [email protected]