Ataxia UK have collaborated with three of their Support Groups and Branches over the past few years to raise awareness in local/specific areas, directly benefiting their community.

Local campaigns make a massive difference to people's lives on a local level. In 2017 the South West Branch of Ataxia UK chose to spend their fundraising donations on a local campaign in Exeter, 2017: awareness of ataxia rose from 9% to 41%. 

That's far fewer misunderstandings for people with ataxia to put up with.

What makes a local campaign?

Local campaigns are possible when a Support Group, Branch or group of Friends join together to fundraise for us; along with those donations, the charity contributes a portion of money and staff expertise to create the materials, promote and prep a campaign, liaising with the group at all times. The group will also undertake some storytelling training, prepping them for liaising with the press to make a splash on the local scene. 

Ataxia UK will:

  • put together a campaign launch, with public figures, endorsers and Ataxia UK staff
  • create posters for local buses and train stations 
  • organise social media coverage, using local hashtags and approaching local businesses/organisations for further coverage and support
  • send press releases to all local media, including TV and radio, to gain coverage
  • commit to supporting you every step of the way, so the group can be at the forefront of change and take control of their campaign as much as possible
  • organise media training for the group, boosting confidence in liaising with the press and public
  • investigate the possibility of holding an Ataxia Training Day, training local healthcare professionals in ataxia

Taking control

As collaborators, the group holding the campaign will:

  • have raised significant fundraising income that will contribute towards the cost of the campaign (Ataxia UK will also contribute to the costs)
  • Be proactive: collaborate with Ataxia UK and take ownership of planning and carrying out elements of the campaign, always with our support
  • volunteer to undertake media training, and do what they can to help raise the profile of the campaign (e.g., approaching local media, or be willing to be interviewed)
  • attend the campaign launch, and man a stall with Ataxia UK staff in the city centre for an awareness day 
  • hold events, whether fundraising or awareness raising, in the local area, putting together a campaign calendar to entice local media
  • share their story of ataxia with the press and public

If your Branch, Support Group or group of friends are interested in holding a local awareness campaign, please get in touch with us at [email protected]