On International Ataxia Awareness Day 2018, we raised awareness of ataxia to a wide audience and represented the fracture it can cause of people’s lives. So many of you changed your profile photos to represent this fracture with a mirror crack, and we need your help again.

Ataxia disrupts how the public perceive people. People with ataxia are often misinterpreted as drunk because of their unsteadiness.

It’s time to combat this issue. This September, we’re going to disrupt those misconceptions by getting the word ataxia out there. Why? Click here to find out more.

Have you been accused of being drunk? Want to share your story? Email us with your story outlining what happened and how it made you feel. We’ll share it. You can also read stories from Friends here.

If you don’t have a story, there’s many other ways you can join in!

1. Follow and like Ataxia UK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

2. Like, share and comment on our posts so they reach as many people as possible

3. Use the hashtag #DisorderedNotDrunk when engaging with this topic on social media, and tag us so we can share

4. Join a Support Group or Branch in raising awareness on the streets of your local community, or organise your own awareness walk

5. Change your profile photo to represent the misconceptions people with ataxia face by using this overlay. Download the Twibbon and add it to your Facebook profile, Twitter profile and share for other people to do so, too! Link will be available from Sunday 22 September so get your profile picture ready!

Join on the 25 September 2019. #DisorderedNotDrunk.