In Memory

Evelyn Irvin

07 Sep 1925 - 11 May 2020


Evelyn Irvin (Eve) was born in North Shields, the youngest daughter of Alf and Bella Milburn on 7th September 1925, and baby sister to Lal and Floss, a happy childhood in a close-knit family. Eve married her childhood sweetheart Ted Irvin in 1950 and together they created a happy and comfortable home for their son Teddy filled with love and laughter, friends and family. Eve passed away 11 May 2020 and will be missed by many. Eve was lucky, she did not have Ataxia herself but a nephew and niece are living with the condition and she was able to observe how it affected the lives of people close to her over many years. She would be very pleased to be able to help, to contribute towards a cure.