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Match Funding

Match Funding

Many companies offer Matched Giving as a way to support employees doing charitable events and this is a brilliant way to boost an employee’s fundraising.

How we support you

  • Ataxia UK can write to your employer to confirm that you are fundraising for the charity.
  • We can send across any fundraising materials if your employer would like information on the charity, or if they would like to make use of any materials in their offices, such as posters.
  • We can send a thank you letter, acknowledgement and certificate to your employer once the money has been received.

Case study: White Stuff
An example of a fantastic company which offers Match Funding to their employees is the fashion and lifestyle brand White Stuff. White Stuff has a programme through which they support their employees' fundraising efforts by matching up to £250. It has the added advantage of running this programme four times a year; if an employee did a small fundraiser every quarter and raised £250 or more each time, they would be eligible to receive £1,000 from White Stuff to go to the charity of their choice.

White Stuff have recently supported their colleague Olivia Clark from their Bristol Shop. Olivia took part in the Bristol Tough Mudder challenge earlier this year, raising a fantastic £3,237 for Ataxia UK. She applied for match funding with White Stuff and they kindly sent Ataxia UK a £250 cheque.

Derek Miller, the Foundation Manager at White Stuff explained: “White Stuff supports small and local charities wherever we are. However, we know our colleagues go above and beyond fundraising for other causes they care about, and it is our opportunity to support their great work.”

Olivia Clark said: “In May I undertook the Tough Mudder Challenge along with family members to raise funds for Ataxia UK. It was a fantastic surprise and perfectly timed when I discovered that my employer White Stuff has a Matched Funding scheme. It was such a boost to know another £250 would be added to our fundraising efforts, and I am very grateful for it. Because it can be applied for every quarter, it's a great incentive to keep setting myself fundraising challenges.”

Ataxia UK would like to thank White Stuff and Olivia for raising a fantastic sum of money for Ataxia UK, and bringing us a step closer towards a world free of ataxia. If you’d like to know more about donating through match funding, please contact the Fundraising Team on or call the main office on 020 7582 1444.

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