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Charity of the Year Partnerships

Charity of the Year Partnerships

Choosing Ataxia UK to be your Charity of the Year is a wonderful way to collaborate in supporting people affected by ataxia, and getting us closer to finding that cure.

We will work together and create a bespoke, mutually beneficial programme that works towards your CSR goals, and is in line with your company interests. Read below about how Origin Broadband and Incorporatewear have collaborated with us in the past couple of years.

Case study: Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband choose a charity to work with every six months, and Ataxia UK were lucky enough to be one of these in 2018. Oliver Bryssau, CEO of Origin Broadband and Helen Carling, Head of Marketing, explain how mutually beneficial these relationships are:

"It’s been amazing to work with such a great charity who have helped support us during our fundraising. I want to thank everyone at Origin for getting involved and raising money for Ataxia UK.
Oliver Bryssau, CEO of Origin Broadband"

Origin Broadband Image

"We choose a charity that’s close to our hearts and this year was mine. Our goal was to raise £1,200 to fund a full-time junior researcher for a month to help those with Ataxia, but I’m proud to say that we ended up raising over £2,200!
Helen Carling, Head of Marketing of Origin Broadband"

Case study: Incorporatwear

Incorporatewear have been long supporters of Ataxia UK, recently celebrating their 10th anniversary of supporting people affected by ataxia.

"I’ve worked at Incorporatewear (ICW) for 19 years. It’s a fantastic place to work and our senior team have always been very supportive and happy to consider any ideas the staff put forward. When my nephew Daniel was diagnosed with Friedreich's ataxia in 2009, I immediately wanted to help Dan and others with this condition in any way I could. I also wanted to raise awareness of ataxia, as until Dan was diagnosed, I had never heard of this condition. I approached our MD and asked if ICW would make Ataxia UK our company charity. They agreed, and since then we've raised over £13,000! ICW have always been such a fantastic support to us and Ataxia UK in allowing our team to take time out of our working day to do fundraising. We hold charity events and a charity day every Easter, making each year bigger and better than the last. We have been doing this for 10 years this year and will continue to support this charity in the future in the hope that eventually a cure will be found.
Diane Wiles, Office Services Manager"

Other ways you can support us as your Charity of the Year

  • Sponsor an Ataxia UK event or team, and receive free places for staff in return together with agreed marketing for your company on event literature.
  • Cause Related Marketing (CRM) – We can work together to promote a specific product or service for mutual benefit. It is a simple and effective way of differentiating your product, to boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Gifts in Kind – Could your company offer a service to support Ataxia UK? Examples are physiotherapy for a local Support Group or at Conference, production of marketing or promotional material or perhaps something more creative?
  • Donation – Apply to your company for a donation to Ataxia UK
  • Payroll Giving – This is an easy, tax-effective way for employees to donate through their salary, and is also known as Give As You Earn or Payroll Giving is an easy, tax-efficient way of donating a regular gift to Ataxia UK.
  • Advertise the partnership on your company Intranet and your public website
  • Organise a local press release about the partnership. Ataxia UK can offer support with this and it is a great way to engage with the local community.

If you’d like to know more about making Ataxia UK your Charity of the Year, please contact the Fundraising Team on or call the main office on 020 7582 1444.

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