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Ataxia Awareness and Campaigning

Ataxia Awareness

The lack of ataxia awareness in the UK has an astonishing impact on people who live with the condition. Their confidence, self-esteem and willingness to socialise is constantly challenged. Even the ability to leave the house, go abroad, or drive a car without being mistakenly arrested for being drunk and disorderly can go out of the window.

All because the general public don't understand their symptoms.

If you want to stop people with ataxia being mistreated by their employers; mistakenly kept overnight in airports or prison cells; told they can't achieve anything in life; refused alcohol while sober; denied welfare because their symptoms fluctuate; kicked out of bars and clubs while out with their mates; assumed to be cognitively impaired because they use a wheelchair; accused of lying and - perhaps worst of all, be misdiagnosed - then help people our public become ataxia aware.

Rare Disease Day
Every year on 28 February, we all come together to raise awareness of rare diseases. This is a brilliant chance to raise awareness of ataxia.

International Ataxia Awareness Day
Every year on 25 September, people affected by ataxia, researchers and members of ataxia-related organisations join forces across the globe to shout about the condition.

This is the perfect day of the year to centre your events and awareness activities around. Ataxia UK can help you contact local press and promote your event, if you do!

Why not join us? Click here to get involved with IAAD 2021!

Ways you can help
Spreading the word doesn't always mean leafleting shoppers in the street - it can be done in many ways, that often double up as fun. Click on the boxes below to find a way you can raise awareness of ataxia, no matter who or where you are in the world. Or, better yet, become a volunteer with Ataxia UK to train up and become an official spokesperson for the charity or a Media Ambassador - click here to see our roles.


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