Iain McGeachin I was midway through a 50,000km RTW train journey, in 2013, when a mystery illness rudely interrupted my trip. A wee tumble down the stairs of Hamburg train station, and another fall in a hotel bedroom (luckily onto a thickly-carpeted floor) convinced me that it was perhaps time to return to Scotland and see a medical professional.

17 months of scans, lumbar punctures and blood tests followed, before a cause of my balance/walking problems was found. And it was a condition that I'd never even heard of myself:

I have a form of spinocerebellar ataxia (idiopathic).

A very rare genetic condition. For which there is currently no cure.

I am still able to walk unaided in the main, although I do need a walking stick to go up/down/turnaround. However, ataxia is a progressive condition, and symptoms only get worse with each passing day.

So while walking at all is still an option for me, walking is exactly what I am doing.

Raising ataxia-awareness and funds for ataxia research (via Ataxia UK).


Everyone is VERY welcome to join me on any of these walks. However, if you are unable to attend in person, please sponsor the event.

THANK YOU for your very generous support.

Iain Iain McGeachin