Brigitte Greenham

Nic had Freidrich’s Ataxia (FA), which is degenerative and degrades the nervous system over time.

Although there is no cure for FA, many of the symptoms and issues that arise from them can be treated to help slow down the disease, and help maintain independence for as long as possible.

Although Nic had the disease she never let it define her and she was one of the most active, intelligent, determined people I have had the good fortune to know. Through knowing Nic I saw more of Manchester, and indeed, more of the UK than ever before. She always kept busy with one thing or another and was always up for an adventure.

Nic you are missed. I have many reminders of things we did together and places we went as I go about the busyness of life and the thought always gives me a smile.

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Brigitte Greenham