Iain McGeachin

I was diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia in March 2015.

A rare, incurable, and progressive neurological condition which would see me in a wheelchair eventually (it now has). With possibly even worse to come.

As I could still walk a bit when diagnosed (although with the help of a walking stick), and to highlight the fact that the ability to walk at all would soon be lost to me, I decided to raise funds for Ataxia UK:

By walking!

And to also raise awareness of ataxia, in addition to the fundraising, I decided to wear a kilt while I was "walking". The ensuing media coverage, both national and international, and both press and TV, made lugging that kilt around Europe worthwhile (kilts weigh a ton - especially when wet).

For full details, see: http://www.kiltedwalker.com

However, by the end of 2017 I knew that my walking days were coming to an end. But my walking days were to end on the highest of high notes:

The organisers of Winter Wonderwheels (part of the Superhero Series of disability sporting events) invited me to take part in their "Celebrity Relay" - alongside Jonnie Peacock, Adam Hills and a whole host of CBE/MBE-awarded Paralympians and Invictus Games heroes.

Now though, the progression of my ataxia has finally put me in that wheelchair.

But this is not the end of my ataxia fundraising/awareness-raising.

Oh no.

I will now continue as before. But now in a much more visible wheelchair (which will raise even more funds/awareness).

So, if you ever bump into some guy in a wheelchair, who is wearing a kilt with his ataxia t-shirt - please stop and say "Hi".



Iain McGeachin