Helen Carling

Hi everyone, I'm Helen. My daughter Isabella is 10 years old and has Friedreich's Ataxia - a genetic form of Ataxia that causes progressive damage to the nervous system.

We live in hope every-day that there will be a breakthrough in the fantastic research that Ataxia UK is doing.

So, to show our support and fighting spirit, we've set up this fundraising page so that all you lovely people can help us contribute to this amazing cause.

Our goal is to raise £1,200 to fund a full-time junior researcher for a month, to help Izzy and other children who are suffering from this devastating condition.

Thank you to everyone who can help us on our journey, any support you can give will go a long way. To read more about Friedreich's Ataxi, use the link here: bit.ly/AtaxiaInfo

Helen Carling