Ellie Oddy and Jacqui  Barker Our beautiful baby girl Mollie, has a rare genetic disease called Ataxia, it’s likely you have never heard of it but the effects of this usually progressive neurological disease are quite devastating. We are still on a journey and have been for some time to find the exact type and cause for Mollie but she seems to have had Ataxia since birth, this neurological condition means she walks with a wobble and falls a lot... Ataxia is usually progressive and affects the body’s mobility, speech and fine motor skills.

Mollie is doing amazing, but we are devastated that there is currently no treatment or cure - we would like to raise as much as possible to fund research for treatments before Mollies symptoms progress.

Me and my mum- Mollie's auntie, and Nanny- will be doing the Bournemouth half marathon this october to raise money for our Mollie and many others who are living with ataxia

Thank you so much for your help x Ellie Oddy and Jacqui Barker