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Fighting The Fight

Fighting The Fight

I have an illness which requires me taking a medicine which causes extensive weight gain. My friend has a daughter with the genetic illness ‘Friederich’s Ataxia’. I have watched them this past year, witnessing the child’s decline in mobility, and witnessed the problems and the daily fight and battle that this genetic illness causes. I am limited as to what I can offer. I just know I cannot sit back and watch their fight. What I can do, which will help my friend, the charity Ataxia UK and myself, is to create a fundraising page for Ataxia UK, where I lose weight and have sponsorship per every pound / half a stone (7lbs) / per stone. My starting weight is 16 stone and I am officially weighed every 2 weeks at my clinic. My aim is to get myself back to 9 stone. The medicine I take makes it as hard for me to lose 2 stone as it does for a person not taking this medication to lose 6 stone. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but compared to the life every day, that an Ataxia patient has to get through, there is no comparison to their fight as to mine. I have the ‘easy option’.

Angela-Louise Johnson


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Take part in a challenge or create your fundraiser. Every penny you raise will help those affected by ataxia.

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To make either a one off or recurring donation which will help fund research into treatments and cures and supports those affected ataxia

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Support the ataxia community and volunteer with Ataxia UK. From social media to telephone befriending, there are loads of ways you can make a difference to someone's life.

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