Daisy Richford

On Friday 7th April 2017 (the day before my Mum's birthday), I will be flying through the sky with my lovely Mum when I do my first tandem skydive. I will be raising money for Ataxia UK, a charity close to our hearts. Mum was diagnosed in her late teens/early twenties with Friedreich's ataxia, an illness that cannot be cured but never stopped her.

(Please know that I have paid for the jump myself and therefore all donations I receive will go directly to Ataxia UK and not towards the cost of my skydive).

At the age of 21, a time when most people this age are out having fun, my Mum became reliant on a wheelchair and 24 hour care from my Dad. Over the years, this illness continued to attack her body, but she never let it defeat her. My Mum lost not only the use of her legs but also the use of her arms, her speech became effected to the point that on bad days, she would use a machine to communicate and she used an eye gaze to use the computer. In February this year, she was told that her eyesight was deteriorating and that eventually she would lose her sight completely. Due to this she was registered as partially blind.

What I've mentioned is only a fraction of what my Mum and other people suffering with ataxia have to go through in their lifetime but we need not mention it all. What's been written already shows what a strong and amazing woman she really was and I want to keep some memories to myself.

Sadly, my incredible Mum said goodnight to us on 29th September 2016. She may have lost her life, but her battle carries on. I will continue to fight on behalf of her and all those involved in this amazing charity because that's the least they all deserve. Ataxia effects so many people and unfortunately not enough of us know about it.

Thank you, much love and please give what you can!!!!

Daisy Richford