Dionne Anthony Ide On Friday May 31st, Anthony, Havana & myself will be climbing Mount Snowdon in the memory of our dear niece Natasha.

On the 27th February this year, just over a week before her 23rd birthday, Natasha lost her battle with Ataxia after being diagnosed at an early age. ‘Ataxia’ is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination, and speech. There are many different types of ataxia that affect people in different ways. Estimates from recent studies say that there are around 500 children in the UK with a progressive ataxia. Some forms of ataxia are treatable, but in most cases, there is still no cure.

Natasha was a beautiful, intelligent girl who loved bringing joy to people's lives with her kind, thoughtful nature, always thinking of others. She lived her short life to the full, although in later years she would often be in pain as her condition worsened making getting around and general day to day life very difficult.
Natasha was an only child of devoted parents, who every day fought this battle with her. Watching Natasha’s struggle with Ataxia, every day desperate to find a new drug that would alleviate her pain, and witnessing the devastating effect losing her has had on everyone’s lives, we feel we want to do something for Natasha in supporting Ataxia UK. This charity is actively involved in funding and supporting the research into finding treatments and ultimately cures for the condition that took Natasha’s life. They also provide support to others affected by the condition, including their families and carers, to give them the highest possible quality of life.

Please support us by donating to this page, I’m sure Natasha’s spirit will be with us during the climb willing us to get to the top!

Nobody will be judged by what they give, any amount you feel you can spare is greatly appreciated. We will be funding the event ourselves, with every penny raised going to Ataxia UK.

Thank you for reading Natasha’s story

Dionne, Anthony & Havana

Dionne Anthony Ide