Andy Franks London Marathon 2020 – Ataxia

Andy Franks London Marathon 2020

Andy Franks London Marathon 2020

I am running this year’s London Marathon for two family members my niece Sophie and nephew

Sophie was born with a rare form of Congenital Cerebella Ataxia. For almost the last 17 years Sophie and her sister Holly, Mum and Dad (Hazel & David) have been dealing with this condition as a family. Sophie is a strong character and is always happy even through the tough times. Her immediate family are so strong in caring for Sophie I don’t know how they do it every day. I am so proud of Sophie, her sister and her mum and dad that they try to fight this condition so that they can live a normal family life together.

Oliver was diagnosed with friedreich ataxia just over three years ago after failing a routine medical for the MOD police. He was shocked to be told that he failed his co-ordination test and was advised to see his doctor for further tests. After several months not knowing he was told that he had a rare genetic disorder called friedreich ataxia which effects balance, co-ordination and speech.

Since his diagnosis, Oliver’s dreams of joining the Police all but disappeared. With his family and friends supporting, he is learning to deal with it and getting on with a normal life. Three years have passed since his diagnosis, he has now got his own family to support which brings even extra pressures for him and making sure he gets the full support he requires from his family, friends and Ataxia. I have been inspired by how Oliver is dealing with his condition and getting on with life. Of course I am always there for him and his immediate family but I want to do something more.

I want to raise as much money as I can for this charity that’s supports Sophie’s and Oliver’s condition so that more research can be done and support can be given.

Please give as much as you can afford. Many thanks, Andy

Andy Franks


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