Amanda Evans

I am Amanda, I am going with my husband and some of our children and partners to do the Velocity zip wire in North Wales on Sunday 4th June to help raise funds for Ataxia UK.

I was diagnosed with late onset Cerebellar Ataxia almost 6 years ago. It has changed my life and my future is scary as ataxia is progressive and degenerative so although the zip wire features both my worst fears of speed (100mph) and height, it is not as scary as my future might be so I am doing this to help raise funds for the research into ataxia – hopefully a cure or treatment will be found in my lifetime.

One of our sons is getting married the day before and out of 6 of us bets are on as to who throws up first on the zip wire! I try and be positive most of the time but occasionally the thoughts of grandchildren in our future where I can’t even walk or play with them depress me – but onwards and upwards to Velocity and beyond (I hope!!!).

Please help me raise funds for Ataxia UK, as well as supporting research, they provide a helpline, advice and support for people and their families diagnosed with ataxia.

Thank you

Amanda x

Amanda Evans