James Tattersall In 2015 I met my Girlfriend, whose Sister, Helen, was diagnosed with Friedreichs Ataxia in 2004. Since I met her I have wanted to help raise awareness of the condition as I am still surprised of how few people have even heard of the neurological condition.

In 2018 I will be running 12 marathons in support of Ataxia UK!

1.The Rayne challenge event - February 18th - DONE
2. Manchester marathon - April 8th - DONE
3.Milton Keynes marathon - May 7th - DONE
4.Isle of White marathon - June 3rd - DONE
5.The sundae challenge - July 6th - DONE
6.The twilight ultra - July 28th
7.Bath two tunnels marathon - August 19th
8.St Albans stampede - September 1st
9.Windsor marathon - October 7th
10.Nottingham "lets go round again" marathon - November 4th
11.Remembrance day marathon - November 11th
12.Portsmouth marathon - December 23rd

Any donations will be greatly appreciated! James Tattersall