Conference Bursaries

Applying for an Ataxia UK bursary

Ataxia UK has set aside some money for helping delegates in need to attend our conferences. The Bursary Scheme will reduce costs of attending a conference and will be allocated to help people with ataxia, their parents, or their carers, where a carer’s support is necessary.

To be eligible for a bursary, you must be in receipt of means-tested benefits. PIP and DLA do not apply. You will be asked in the form below which means-tested benefit you receive, and you may be asked for proof of this. If you are not in receipt of any of the options below, your application will not be able to be processed.

Please note that you can only claim one bursary per person per calendar year; if you are awarded a bursary for a regional conference, for example, you will be unable to apply for a bursary for the Annual Conference. Bursaries are granted on a first come first served basis in the event of over subscription.

What they will cover
Bursaries will reimburse against receipts: 50% of attendance costs and travel expenses. Travel expenses will include public transport or equivalent. Local taxi fares may be included if no alternative transport is available. Accommodation costs can be included if it is absolutely necessary for you to stay overnight.

How to Apply
Please complete all sections of the form. It is important to provide as much information as you can, so that your application can be dealt with speedily.
If you have a query or need help completing the form, please contact Ataxia UK via [email protected]

Who can apply for a conference bursary?

• Anyone with ataxia and their carer/partner who would like to attend the conference, and;
• is a Friend of the charity;
• is unable to afford the full fee;
• is a recipient of mean-tested benefits;
• is deemed to be in need of a bursary.

Part one: about you

Your anticipated expenses
Your bank details

Applicants will be told shortly after applying whether they have been awarded a bursary.

Recipients will pay their attendance and travel in advance of the conference, and pay hotel costs upon departure. They will then provide the receipts for these expenses to the Ataxia UK office for reimbursement within four weeks of the conference (hard copies to the office address below, or scanned and emailed to the email address below).

Please send hard copies to:
FAO Conference Bursaries
Ataxia UK
12 Broadbent Close
N6 5JW

Or email (preferred) your scanned receipts to: [email protected]

Please supply your bank details below, so we can reimburse 50% of the agreed costs of your bursary.

Ataxia UK, its employees and volunteers, will keep your personal details securely and those of any other person you have mentioned in your application. The information given on this form will be used solely for the purpose of considering your application.

Your agreement