Young people already have a lot to contend with: concerns of employment, relationships, homes and further education, as well as issues such as self-esteem and mental health; living with ataxia can make all of that even harder. We challenge that difficulty and isolation through our 16-30's project.

The 16-30’s project is an online-based network that gives young people across the UK with ataxia access to specialised support, information and advice. This is done through a stand-alone website and blog, as well as a closed Facebook group (email Leanna Coleman at [email protected] to request to join). Members of the project contribute to the blog, sharing their stories, building connections and friendships along the way.

Parents of young adults with ataxia have told us about how the group has changed their children’s lives:

“To us, the group is worth its weight in gold. Our daughter has forged some genuinely close relationships. Now that she has friends with ataxia who encourage her to stay positive, give advice and who believe in her, the whole family feels less alone and part of a like-minded community which understands what we’re going through. I can’t express to you the vast relief of seeing her smile again!”

- Anneli Figura, one of our Friends.