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Lali and Calypso


Media Ambassdor, Lali Cardozo, talks about being a mother with ataxia to Calypso.   Calypso is my daughter; she was seven pounds and two ounces when she was born at 11.45pm on 17 October. She was a petite, average sized baby and there was nothing wrong with her. She was perfect; not too big, not too small. She had thick, black ringlets covering her head and a nose just …

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Image of Tim Wahl

My life with episodic ataxia

Tim Wahl talks about the challenges that episodic ataxia has presented throughout his life. My life with episodic ataxia includes a long succession of medical specialists and a spectrum of diagnoses— “mild” epilepsy, migraine, vasovagal syncope, and hypoglycaemia. The one that took the prize was “anticipatory anxiety.” Ineffective medicines from anti-convulsive and anti-depressants to tranquillisers …

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