“It is hard to go to a bar and order alcohol when people can’t understand you and assume you’ve had one too many already. My speech gets worse during the day and it’s easier not to drink.” - Nigel Kilvington

This is just one story of someone living with ataxia and the challenges they face.

As many of you will know, the lack of ataxia awareness in the UK can have a detrimental impact on people living with the condition. Their confidence, self-esteem and willingness to socialise is constantly challenged. For some it can be difficult to go on holiday, drive a car or even leave the house without being wrongly accused of being drunk and disorderly.

No-one deserves to experience discrimination or prejudice. Will you help to stop it for your community?

Visit our appeal, so we can create an ID card for all Friends of Ataxia UK to stop the discrimination they face.

Our ID cards

We want to create an Ataxia UK ID card that proves someone with ataxia isn’t what they’re being accused of. It will be robust and professional, taken seriously by members of the public who question someone’s condition. To afford this, we will be running a crowdfunding campaign this summer. If we reach our target, all Friends of Ataxia UK will receive a brand new ID card, which will be beneficial to you, your peers and others within the ataxia community when experiencing discrimination or prejudice.

This July, we're calling on your support and generosity to donate to the #DisorderlyNotDrunk campaign, where we aim to raise £1,500 for an Ataxia UK ID card machine. This machine will allow all Friends of Ataxia UK living with ataxia to have a professional card that explains ataxia, with the aim of reducing misunderstandings and giving people the confidence to talk about their condition.