During the home visit
the client presents as capable but has fatigue
she wants a home-help to clean
but there is no budget for cleaners
I’m a social worker not a miracle worker!
I’ll get her a cook.
She became argumentative saying
it will take away her skills
getting her a cook would disable her more
It’s beyond my control
I’m here to facilitate.

Pretty thankless, undervalued and underpaid
the travel time, don’t talk to me – beam me up Sadie!
Madam the day put them organic carrots on her shopping list
they’re awful expensive so I got her normal carrots,
thinking of her purse
oh did she give me grief!
Said I’d taken another decision away from her
Its beyond my control
I’m phoning in sick the morra’.

She says she feels institutionalised in her own home
eating food which isn’t her choice
at times of day which suit home-helps workload.
Institutional living is people in hospitals or care homes
she doesn’t comprehend she’s actually very lucky
patients who acquire impairments have a loss of control
this has manifested in her non-compliance
and occasional aggression.
It’s beyond my control
I’ll prescribe a short course of Temazepam