Want support through every experience ataxia brings? Whether you have the condition yourself, or love/care for someone who does, you’ve come to the right place.  We're here with you all the way... And all of our support comes for free. 


Access to the latest information about ataxia

We publish a quarterly magazine and monthly e-newsletter that are sent to our Friends for the latest information on ataxia healthcare, support and research. You can read more about these publications and how to sign up to them here.

Access to the best healthcare

We can help you receive the best healthcare management possible. We currently run two accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres in the UK, where neurologists, nurses, physiotherapists and speech and language therapists who specialise ataxia can offer you their care.

We're also establishing paediatric specialist centres for children with ataxia.

Meanwhile, we have a medical registry for healthcare professionals to join and stay up to date with the best ways to manage your condition.

A Medical Guidelines publication aimed at every type of healthcare professional (including physiotherapists, GPs and Neurologists), which we'll send to you to take to their appointments.

Access to financial aid and support

We act as third party facilitators to support your applications for grant schemes, advocating your efforts and need for equipment/adaptations that'll help you maintain independence.

Access to peer support

We have a network of online support groups and offline support groups that our Friends are very welcome to join. They're supportive and informative networks where peers can offer tips and experience, as well as share their stories. Our offline support groups are dotted about the UK and we can help you find the closest one.


Finding a cure

Since 2000, we have invested £6.75m in ataxia research, collaborating with researchers all across the globe in our hunt for a cure and treatments. Read all about what we get up to here.

Finding patients for trials

Where would research be, without patients to take part in research trials? Ataxia UK connect researchers with patients who would like to take part in the latest research trials - and Friends hear of these opportunities first. 

Keeping up to date

Everything we do, we communicate with our Friends. Sign up to our monthly e-newsletter to keep abreast of all things ataxia research, or visit our research news page.


Ataxia UK often team up with Friends of the charity to raise awareness of ataxia; becoming a Friend means you hear about our activities first. 

Ask us for a schools pack to help your child's peers understand their condition. It can be used by teachers for PSHE lessons, as a presentation to a class/assembly, or just to keep his teachers in the know.

Got an event coming up? Team up with us to write a press release and let your local community hear all about it.

Got a GP who doesn't know anything about ataxia? That's OK, we can help - and you can raise awareness of ataxia among the healthcare professional world, too.

Throughout the year, Ataxia UK run awareness campaigns to highlight the different challenges living with the condition can bring. Why not join us? 

Becoming a Friend of Ataxia UK doesn't just mean being a member. It means accessing a community who know exactly what you're going through, the best support available for people affected by ataxia in the UK, and the opportunity to be part of finding that cure.

Join here today.