Ataxia Ambassadors are trained to take control over how ataxia is perceived by others.

By spreading the word about ataxia among organisations, healthcare professionals and the public, ambassadors not only tackle the public discrimination and inadequate healthcare people with ataxia often experience, but also build their self-confidence and a variety of skills that look great on a CV.


Please note: We're currently not taking any more applications for becoming an ataxia ambassador, but will update this page when we re-open applications.

Join our growing network of ambassadors across the country; travel; meet new people and be a spokesperson for the community, all by sharing your story.

The project

The project will launch in 2019; for now, we want to hear from individuals who are excited by the prospect of taking control over how ataxia is perceived.

Ataxia Ambassadors are volunteers who perform their role proactively, seeking opportunities for ambassadorial work as well as liaising with Ataxia UK for further opportunities. This is an outward-facing position, and an ambassador must be ready and willing to take on board the messages of the charity, as well as to share their personal story of ataxia.

Ambassador roles

There are currently five types of ambassadors that can be applied for, and more may be added. One person can apply for more than one role, if they're interested in using/building a variety of skills.

If you're excited by sharing your story to benefit the community and yourself, then we want to hear from you!

All applicants are required to read our Ambassadors Code of Conduct, and agree to adhere to it before signing up. Please find the Code of Conduct here.

All Ambassadors must be an Ataxia UK Friend. If you want to apply for the Ambassadors Project but you aren't yet a Friend of Ataxia UK, please fill in the below form for New Friends, and we'll get in touch about to sign up to membership.

Media and PR

Working with the media: receiving training with BBC's Trevor Barnes in how to speak to the press, on radio and TV about ataxia; write press releases; contact local press on behalf of Ataxia UK

Representing the Patient Voice

Take part in NHS and related organisations' surveys to represent people with ataxia in the healthcare world

Public Speaking, Networking and Events

Sharing about ataxia: be trained by Steph Marley in public speaking;give talks and/or network at fundraisers, healthcare training seminars and awareness events as a community representative

Blogging and Social Media

Liaise with the Ataxia UK Communications department to produce blog posts about ataxia, and share our social media activity while producing your own 

Ataxia Information Trainer

Help teach others about the ins and outs of the condition, how to recognise it and how to support people with it, including participating in our Annual Conference's All About Ataxia seminar.

Become an Ataxia Ambassador

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