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Information and Resources for Researchers

Information and Resources for Researchers

Stay in touch to stay up to date with the latest research, information and resources for ataxia research.

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If you are interested in keeping up to date with ataxia research, join our Researcher's Registry.
You can also stay up to date with research news by visiting our research news page.

By joining Ataxia UK, you can also receive our quarterly magazine aimed at people with ataxia. This features articles on research results funded by the charity in lay terms, recent research developments worldwide, as well as gaining an insight into how people with ataxia approach research, and the impact of ataxia on their lives.

Further advice and information
Ataxia UK research staff welcome enquiries from academic and industry researchers. Please contact our Head of Research Dr Julie Greenfield at for any advice or information, and see our leaflet for information on how Ataxia UK collaborates to support research and improved healthcare. Researchers new to the ataxia field may also be interested in keeping an eye on our Research News section.

Our research conferences
Find information about ataxia research conferences and visit our Ataxia UK Online YouTube channel for international ataxia research videos, filmed at the International Ataxia Research Conference in Pisa, Italy, September 2017, to find videos discussing clinical trials, potential treatments and every kind of ataxia.

AMRC Open Research Platform

Ataxia UK has been working in partnership with 23 other members of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) to develop a new open access publication platform called AMRC Open Research. Any research that we have funded (past or present) is eligible to use the platform. By making articles available in a matter of days, as opposed to the typical months or years that traditional publishing can take, AMRC Open research will help accelerate our understanding of ataxia. If you have received funding from Ataxia UK, we invite you to utilise the platform. Find out about the various types of research that AMRC Open Research publishes and submit your research.

The UK Brain Banks Network
The UK Brain Banks Network is a coordinated national network of UK brain tissue banks for researchers to use.

The UK Brain Banks Network supplies tissue samples to academic and industry researchers in the UK and abroad. There are over 100 brains in the network from donors who had an ataxia in life, or who had ataxia caused by another condition (last checked May 2022).

Researchers interested in obtaining brain tissue for research should visit the UK Brain Banks Network database, which carries details of the tissue samples available throughout the network.

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