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The concept of a "guardian angel" is one that persists. From Greek mythology, world religions and pop culture, guardian angels are there to support and look after their charges.

Ataxia Angels are special individuals who decide to take Ataxia UK under their charge and make a commitment to helping make a world free of ataxia a reality. And until this happens, they help support all those affected by ataxia.

Could you be an Ataxia Angel?

What does it mean to be an Ataxia Angel?

Ataxia Angels are individuals who can commit to giving a minimum amount of £1,000 or more on a annual basis. Helping to ensure that vital research into treatments and cures continues, and that people can be supported until these are found.

What will my impact as an Angel be?

Your annual commitment and generosity will help to;

  • invest in scientific research to have the maximum impact on the future development of treatments and cures
  • develop resources and provide information services for those affected by ataxia at key stages of their diagnosis including the medical guidelines
  • ensure services such as the helpline continue to be available for all who need them.

What benefits do Angels receive?

As an Ataxia Angel, you will receive

  • An exclusive Ataxia Angel pin badge
  • Regular updates on the impact of your support
  • Your name engraved on the Ataxia Angel plaque of honour in the office
  • Invitations to events
  • Acknowledgement in the Annual Report (although you can give anonymously if you wish)

How can I make my donation and become an Angel.

You can make you annual commitment by a number of ways. Direct debit, credit or debit card, cheque or standing order.

To become an Angel, please complete the form below.

Can I raise my commitment through fundraising?

We are incredibly grateful for everyone who raises money for us. Unfortunately, the Ataxia Angels programme is designed for those wanting to make an annual personal donation.

Ready to become an Angel?

If so, please complete the form below.

If you have any questions about becoming an Angel, please contact Dan at

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