Ataxia UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to providing support services and funding medical research into finding treatments and a cure for all the ataxias. 

Sign up to a regular gift today, and help make an ongoing, lasting difference for people living with ataxia and their families. 


Your regular gift will help fund further research towards the aim of finding treatments and cures, and improve opportunities and circumstances of all those affected by ataxia.


Your regular gift will help fund and support ataxia research with the goal of developing treatments and cures for the ataxias. For every £1 invested in research by Ataxia UK, a further £3 in additional funding for ataxia research worldwide is generated.

Improvements in treatment and care 

Your regular gift will help support accredited Specialist Ataxia Centres which support people living with ataxia. They provide the best quality of care combining diagnosis, treatment, support and research. Your gift will also help open new centres such as the recently opened Paediatric unit at the Sheffield Ataxia Centre. 

Supporting people with ataxia

Your regular gift helps provide invaluable information on ataxia and the practical implications of living with condition to those affected by ataxia. Information such as the medical guidelines. This is a comprehensive document created through collaboration with ataxia specialist neurologists and other healthcare professionals which helps those diagnosed with ataxia improve the healthcare they receive. Your monthly gift will also support the helpline service providing person to person support to those who need it most.  


Developing long term solutions  

Having guaranteed income from our generous monthly givers means we are able to plan for long term solutions and invest in bigger research projects. A regular gift allows us to plan for the long-term.

Ready for emergencies  

Regular gifts provide long-term security and enables short-term responses to react to situations as soon as they arise. They ensure people affected by ataxia are supported even in the most challenging economic environments.

Convenient for you  

Many of our monthly givers feel it is easier to set up a regular gift as this way they are able to give proportionately more than they might for just a single donation, but spread the cost across the year. You can budget accordingly and having a donation coming out as a monthly payment can be easier to manage.



Prof. Paola Giunti  I have been working with Ataxia UK for more than 20 years, and during this time, we have worked closely on many projects improving the treatment and care of people with ataxia, and advance the field of ataxia research. Ataxia UK helped to set up and fund the London UCL/UCLH Ataxia Centre, which was then accredited by the charity and has been a great success in providing specialist care for people with ataxia. This is such an exciting time for ataxia research at the moment, and I hope that the programmes being conducted now, thanks to the ongoing regular gifts of Friends of Ataxia UK – will one day be translated into effective treatments and the prospect of a cure.

Mr. Barry Fairchild
I was first diagnosed with ataxia 12 years ago. At the time, I found it difficult to obtain the correct diagnosis from my local doctor, until I started to do my own research and came across Ataxia UK. After joining the charity, and finding out about the large number of different ataxias, I started to receive medical publications and information from Neurologists about the condition and was finally able to obtain a correct diagnosis of Cerebellar ataxia. I set up a regular gift with Ataxia UK later a few months later so that other people living with the condition could we receive the same support and guidance that I received.

Sheila Thompson I have two sons with Freidreich’s ataxia. My eldest son was first diagnosed at 9, but sadly passed away last year. Back in 2000 as a family we wanted to do all we can to help fund the ataxia research programme and the charity financially stable. Regular giving simply made sense to us as we could easily set it up and not have to worry about it. We continue to donate regularly as we’ve seen the amazing progress that has already been achieved over the last 20 years, and believe we are closer than ever before to finding treatments and prospect of a cure.

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