Support Groups for People with Ataxia

Patsy Riggs tells about the role of a support group and we pay a visit to a group in action!Read more

Ataxia and my Career

Richard Brown tells us about his experiences with ataxia whilst in employment.Read more

About Ataxia Centres

Professor Julie Greenfield (Head of Research at Ataxia UK) and Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou (Ataxia Specialist Neurologist at Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield) discuss what Specialist Ataxia Centres are, how to get a referral to one, and why they're different to general GPs and neurologists.Read more

Living with Late-Onset cerebellar Ataxia

John Abbott shares his experience of obtaining his diagnosis for late-onset ataxia, and how it has affected him.Read more

Millie Mae Revisited

Four years on, we revisit Millie MaeRead more


Read more


'Imagine': the story of Nathan and Jade, told through their eyes. A moving, yet heart-warming story of two courageous youngsters we were honoured to work with.Read more

Jade's Story

Here is Jade's story. A short video highlighting what life is like for a nine year old with ataxiaRead more