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Without public support, Ataxia UK wouldn't be able to support their Friends, nor fund research into finding a cure. Please help us to help people who have ataxia.Read more

Events Calendar

Fundraising and awareness-raising events throughout June 2017 as part of the Ataxia Awareness Campaign in Exeter. Why not attend?Read more

Rachel and the Lions

Rachel Lyons, Lord Mayor of Exeter 2013-14, has been instrumental in helping Ataxia UK and the Exeter Branch to fund this campaign. Here, she tells us why she chose us as her charity of the year whilst in office.Read more


Phil has Episodic ataxia, which can attack at any time without warning. The unpredictability of his condition has limited what he's able to do for work as well as pleasure.Read more


Beka is 15 years old, and has Friedreich's ataxia. She was once an award-winning horse rider, but can no longer ride because of her ataxia. Read about the work Ataxia UK do to help support people like Beka.Read more


Meet Bex, the face of the campaign. Bex has long been involved with the Ataxia UK support network, starting her own Branch of the charity in Exeter eleven years ago.Read more