Jamie and Chris Pru100

Jamie Dumas

Inspired by Rebecca and Fraser Kennedy

Richard Casement's #Miles4Meg

Richard Casement

To support vital research in to finding a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia

Run for Ataxia

Sherena Harper

Ataxia has ravaged my dad's side of the family for years, however we had no idea the cause because coming from a small Caribbean island getting expert medical advice would cost far too much. However, now my dad, older brother and myself have been successfully diagnosed. I want to be a part of the solution instead of wallowing in the condition!

Jen and Lil Half Marathon for Ataxia UK

Lilian Fawcett

Jenny and Lilian are running a half marathon to raise money for Ataxia UK in aid of our friend Tallulah.

Izzy fighting Friedreich's Ataxia

Helen Carling

£1200 funds a junior researcher for a month

Race to the stones – in memory of John O’Brien

John OBrien

Earlier this year my Dad died after a long illness due to a neurological disorder, or ataxia. He got excellent support from carers and the ataxia community in Ireland. I'm running 100km in one day to raise money for this community to help other sufferers.

60’s the new 30

Karen Servadei and Graham Fryatt

To help find a cure for Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Help me raise money for Ataxia UK - Kristina Cartwright

Kristina Cartwright

I am lucky to be able to run a half marathon, but for those who have the Ataxia disease, like my Dad and my uncles, they are not so fortunate. I am running the Bath half on 4th March, please donate to help us learn more about this rare disease raise awareness.

Vandna Batchelor London Marathon 2018

Vandna Batchelor

Ataxia is a condition which I only came to know about last year. I am really keen to support the charity as someone in my family has been recently diagnosed with this disease.

ASC 2018

Andrew Downie

Fundraising for Ataxia UK: supporting people affected by ataxia and finding a cure

Nia's Sponsored Haircut

Sample Content

I will be having a sponsored haircut on 3rd March to raise money for Ataxia UK on behalf of my cousin who suffers from Friedreich's Ataxia. She is getting married shortly before then and I will be her maid of honour - she wanted me to keep my long hair for the wedding. The actual hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

James Tattersall's 12 marathons in 2018

James Tattersall

I want to raise more awareness for Ataxia.

Andy Franks - Manchester Marathon 2018

Andy Franks

I'm running the Manchester marathon for friedreich's ataxia charity as my nephew Oliver Franks has been recently diagnose with this condition.

Jana Scholz - Miles for Smiles

Jana Scholz

Someone within the company I am working for has a loved one living with ataxia. Therefore, I have enrolled myself to run the Manchester Marathon 2018.


Nicki Grinling



Rowan Shukla

Hey there!

I am raising money for a charity based in London that helps people suffering from a neurological condition called Ataxia. On the 25th November of this year I will be challenging myself by skydiving for the first time from over 10, 000ft.

Ataxia has impacted my family greatly, with my grandmother, dad, aunt, uncle and cousin all being diagnosed with the condition Ataxia SCA 3. My siblings and I have a 50/50 chance of having been passed on the condition from my dad. T

Anytime Fitness Mansfield Raise the Bar for Ataxia

Adam Robinson

September 25th is International Ataxia Awareness Day. Having our inspirational member Darran Stanesby who suffers with the incurable disease Cerebral Ataxia with no NHS funded research due to the rarity of this condition we are 100% behind the Charity,
with our Raise the Bar event.

Stephanie King - Great North Run Half Marathon

Stephanie King

On September 10th I will be taken part in the Great North Run half marathon (my first ever! Yikes!)

In Memory of Pamela Cairns

Steven Anderson

I'm participating in the "Pedal For Scotland Classic Challenge" and I'm using this to help the charity that provided invaluable support to a child of close friends.