Tom & Francesca Walk 100km for Johnny

Francesca Smith

Walking 100km to raise money for ataxia which has effected our family greatly when we lost our grandad a few years ago

Christmas Hamper raffle

Melanie Ormston

In memory of my dad.

Running for Ataxia awareness

Nicky Mcnicholas

My nephew has been diagnosed with Friedrich Ataxia

Ataxia UK Staff Walk for IAAD

Rebecca Holt

We all work for Ataxia UK and want to do our bit. We will be walking just under 5 miles from the office in Highgate to the London ataxia centre in Queen Square.

My Ataxia Day Fundraising Hoopathon!

Lydia Hallett

Ataxia UK are an amazing charity who offer support and hope for those diagnosed with Ataxia. They fund research into finding a cure and create a community of people who are all experiencing similar problems. This can be a very lonely diagnosis as it is a rare disease with very individual and often unknown prognosis and so meeting other people is vital for those diagnosed.

Phil’s Fundraising Frolics

Phil Spencer

Ataxia is a charity close to my heart after my nephew was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia 3 years ago at the age of 14.

Toby & Lydia's Wedding Fundraiser

Tobias Howell

A charity that is close to our hearts.

We'd welcome any donations to 'Ataxia UK' as an alternative to a Wedding gift.

Old Gimmers bike ride

Helen Carling

Peter Williams and Alan Graham will be riding 60 miles from home to Hornsea on the Pennine Trail to raise money and awareness for Friedreich's Ataxia.

I'm running the Bristol Half Marathon in aid of Ataxia!

Emily King

I am fundraising for the charity Ataxia because my mum suffers from this unfortunate disease and would like to support the charity in the work it does to support sufferers.

We need your support now x

Michaela Hinxman

To raise awareness of something we are now dealing with x

Climb For Natasha

Dionne Anthony Ide

On Friday, May 31st, as a family, Anthony, Havana & myself will be climbing Mount Snowdon in the memory of our dear niece Natasha.

Channel to Channel Ride for Ataxia UK

Andrew Downie

I'm fundraising for Ataxia UK as my son has Friedreichs Ataxia and i want to help those who have this condition.

Ataxia Cafe Crawl (AtaxiaCC)

Ian Morley

I have been inspired by the #miles4meg campaign to help fund further research into providing a more more positive future for people with ataxia

Use it or lose it!

Helen Cawkill

Raising money to find a cure.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Mark Ruttledge

Some residents & Friends of 7r Towers, @eric_hallerberg ,will be running the #royalparkshalf Sunday. If you see us, give us some gentle words of encouragement. We'll need it. If you feel a little generous, @AtaxiaUK I'm sure would welcome any 'donations of encourage'!


Dawn Wooldridge

Not many people have heard of Ataxia, not even Doctors. Ataxia UK are the only organisation working for those who have Ataxia, by raising awareness & raising funds for research....

Funding for Ataxia UK

Leon Anderson

As a sufferer of Ataxia, the day I was diagnosed my life felt like it had darkened forever, if I can help to raise funding to aid research to find a possible treatment/cure.

Fighting the Fight

Angela-Louise Johnson

Genetic illness and funding for research, tends not to have a voice when it comes to the Government and its funding of genetic research. Charities such as Ataxia UK, are struggling to support the research that is so clearly needed. Ataxia UK are doing a wonderful job. Every penny made through fundraising, will be another penny 'of hope', and help keep a 'life-line' , out there for those suffering this 'life-limiting' cruel illness.

Jamie and Chris Pru100

Jamie Dumas

Inspired by Rebecca and Fraser Kennedy

Run for Ataxia

Sherena Harper

Ataxia has ravaged my dad's side of the family for years, however we had no idea the cause because coming from a small Caribbean island getting expert medical advice would cost far too much. However, now my dad, older brother and myself have been successfully diagnosed. I want to be a part of the solution instead of wallowing in the condition!