A Ataxia wax off!

Give your razor a break and put your arms and legs in the hands of your friends and family. Join us in the Ataxia UK Big Hairy Wax Off to celebrate the end of lockdown, and get sponsored for not shaving!

B Bog roll uppies

You’ve seen them over social media, but how good are you? Create a tournament between friends and family and charge a registration fee.

Birthday fundraiser

You can set up your own birthday fundraiser on Facebook and ask for donations in celebration.

Ban a word jar

Could be toilet roll (or coronavirus!)… say the word and you have to put 50p in the jar!

C Cooking class

Do you possess skills in the kitchen? Host a cooking class on Facebook or Zoom and charge people entry.

Come dine with me

You’ve seen the programme, you know the deal, now it’s time to host one yourself! Get your household members involved, each player donates to join!

D Donate a percentage of your commute

Choose a % of your savings and stick it in a jar each Friday, then donate to Ataxia UK!

Dog walking for your neighbours

If your neighbours need a hand walking their dog, why not pitch in and ask for donations too?

E Entertain your children with a live book reading

Organise a reader and host a live session on Facebook, invite your friends and their children. Parents pay for their children to listen!

F Facebook live gig 

Do you have a hidden talent for singing, or know someone who does? Set up a live gig online and charge people for entry.

G Gaming online

Take part in a 24-hour gaming marathon by live streaming yourself playing a video game while asking viewers to donate to watch your impressive skills.

Grow a seed competition 

If you have some spare seeds, or can grab some, ask your children to plant them and challenge their friends! Parents sponsor them and whoever wins gets a Hope the Bear.

H Hula hoopathon and make it live

If you have a hula hoop laying around, have a practice then go live for as long as you can – people can sponsor you while you do it.

I Ice bucket challenge

It’s an oldie, but why not bring it back and ask friends to sponsor you? You could add a twist to it too!

I’m a Celeb eating challenge

Maybe not live worms from the garden, but we’re sure you could make an interesting dish using your kitchen’s contents… sponsor your family to take part.

J Jumping jacks for an hour

Sounds simple, but can you last an hour? Ask for donations and give it a go – don’t forget to video for proof.

K Knitting class

Now’s the perfect time to learn a new skill, could you host a live session on Zoom and charge people for entry?

L Live stream challenge

Be inventive, or ask friends and family to challenge you to something. Viewers can donate as they watch!

M Master a language

With spare time on your hands, ask for sponsorship to learn a language by the time lockdown is over – you’ll have to prove you know it though.

N Nearly new sale

Use this time to sort through clothes and post your clothes online using eBay or Depop, donate the profit to Ataxia UK!

O Olympics with your pets 

Train your pets in the garden and host a competition with your friends online! People can bet on who will win.

P Make a Pact

This could be no chocolate for a month, no social media or even switch it up and challenge yourself to 20 minutes of exercise a day for a month! Ask your friends and family to sponsor you.

Q Quiz online

Find a quizmaster, a group of people and host a virtual pub quiz – charge for entry and you can even source a prize for the winners too.

R Run a marathon in your garden

Not always possible, but a fun challenge! How much can you raise from this?

S Shave your head

Catch it on video and upload to social media, ask for donations first!

T Ten thousand steps a day for a week

You can walk outside, but remember you can walk around your house too!

Twenty flights of stairs a day

Simple and effective – get your family involved too and collectively fundraise.

U Unusual hair day

Great for virtual team meetings – who can create the wackiest hairstyle for the camera?

V Virtual horse racing

Friends and family donate to take part and then place their bets!

Virtual 10km

Choose your virtual race, track your distance and submit your entry. Collect sponsorship with your online page to receive your very own medal. Sign up here: https://runforcharity.com/ataxia-uk/virtual-running-events

W Wear a colour

Does your work have a specific colour? Make a pact to wear that colour only for the whole day – people can donate to take part.

Work from home fancy dress

Get your colleagues involved, be inventive with your wardrobe and show your outfit off!

X Xercise challenge

If you’re already a sporty person, research a tricky challenge – beat the world record for planking or row in your front room! Go live and ask for donations.

Y Yoga class online

Charge an entry free and teach people how to do yoga (assuming you know how to teach Yoga!)

Z Ziffit your old books!

Sell your old books, DVDs, CDs and games, and donate the money to Ataxia UK! Find out more here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/worldofbooks/fundraisers/