Be an 'At Home Superhero' on Team Ataxia UK!

15 June to 15 July 2020

The Supertri may be cancelled this year, but the mission to keep you connected and super-active this summer is still here with 'At Home Superheroes'!

Who can take part?

If you have ataxia you can take part solo or in a team – if you don’t have ataxia you just need to team up and do it together! You can also do it remotely using an app.

Where can I do my challenge and how can I do it?

It can be completed anywhere (living room, garden, neighbourhood) in any way (walking, running, pushing, wheeling) you wish!

The organisers have suggested 20km as the distance to aim for, but you can choose a shorter or longer distance if you prefer – it’s your challenge! Just be sure to keep within Government guidelines. There are some handy FAQS on the event website too to help with any questions.

When is it?

The challenge can be completed any time between 15 June and 15 July.

Do I get a medal?

Yes! All entrants receive a super race pack including a race number, medal, T-shirt and finish line tape for those final glory moments! Click here for full details and get booking!

You can contact us any time with your fundraising questions or stories on [email protected]


At home Superheroes Celebrity competition!

There are a mini army of Celebrity Team Captains queuing up to join forces with you- just sign up for your chance to (virtually) team up with stars of sport and screen in your living room! 

You could be on TV! 

Channel 4 will be sharing highlights with the nation in a one-hour programme on 15 August – and you could be on it! Everyone who signs up will receive a link to share action footage of their own home triumphs, which could be chosen for the closing celebratory montage!  

Sign me up!

Click here and thank you SUPERHEROES !

Just contact the fundraising team with any questions at [email protected]


Meet #TeamAtaxiaUK At Home Superheroes 2020 Registered and Ready to Go!

Kieran Kumar-Hankin

Kieran is 9 and has set himself the challenge of completing 2.5km on his trike every day, with the aim of hitting 70km. 

Kieran's Mum LeeAnn says, "Exercise and movement is imperative for Kieran’s mobility, trying to keeps his body as fit and strong as it can be, fighting to keep him walking". Kieran has FA, and Lockdown meant his mobility declined with the drop in his usual physical activities. After guidance from his consultant, Kieran was able to get out on his recumbent trike around local quiet country lanes early in the morning so he could continue cycling.

Find our more about Kieran and support him here

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