Charities that fund medical research need to show that the research they fund has an impact for people with the condition. Researchfish is a way that Ataxia UK does this.

As a member of the Association of Medical Research charities (AMRC), Ataxia UK is using Researchfish, an online system for collecting information on outputs, outcomes and impact of research. Researchfish allows researchers to link their research results to the different grants they hold from funders. For more information about this system see the AMRC website.

For researchers in receipt of an Ataxia UK grant

You should enter the relevant information into distinct output types and sections in your Researchfish portfolio. You or a nominated delegate can add, edit and delete entries, which can then be quickly and easily attributed to one or more grant awards you hold with us or with any of the other funding organisations that use Researchfish. For helpful advice see our Top Tips for Researchfish Submission.

Researchfish has organised training sessions in the form of webinars for researchers, and some short videos on their website also demonstrate how to enter, attribute and submit data for a particular grant. Visit Researchfish for further information.

Submission period

Funded researchers will be asked to submit Ataxia UK-related grant evaluation data once a year, during a defined submission period.

After the submission period, portfolio information can be amended and updated at any time throughout the year. Data will be requested for a few years after the end of the grant, as it often takes time for some outputs to be realised.

Here are the terms and conditions for submitting Researchfish data.

Use of the Researchfish data

The submitted data will be analysed individually and globally, considering outputs from all our awards in Researchfish to provide information to the Scientific Committee and Board members on research funding and strategy. We also use Researchfish data to produce Impact Reports, used to communicate the impact of research to Friends of Ataxia UK.

Results of the analysis may be published on our website and also shared with the AMRC, in order to get an overview of the outcomes generated by research funded by medical research charities in the UK.

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