At one of our Specialist ataxia centres, you are guaranteed to be seen by a neurologist with expertise in the ataxias. The Newcastle Ataxia Specialist Centre was accredited by Ataxia UK in 2012.

The Newcastle Ataxia Clinic

An adult ataxia clinic is held monthly. This is a specialised service for all patients with a suspected or confirmed cerebellar ataxia. Referrals need to be made via the GP or neurologist.

The clinic provides:

  • 30 minute appointments for new patients, 15 minutes for follow-up
  • Continuity of care – patients see the same neurologists
  • Access to physiotherapy and speech and language therapy
  • Support both during and between clinic visits via the Specialist Ataxia Nurse
  • Close links with primary, community and secondary care services for shared care and education on the ataxias
  • Establishment of an ataxia database, facilitating research
  • Validation of new genetic tests as they emerge

The Clinic Team:

The clinic is run by specialist neurologist Dr Rita Horvath, and is also attended by neurologist Dr Hannah Steele

 Close links with an ataxia paediatric clinic

Every three months a multidisciplinary ataxia clinic is held for children with ataxia. The adult neurologist from the Ataxia UK accredited Ataxia Centre attend together with a paediatric neurologist, Dr Ramesh, who has an interest in ataxia.

Involvement in Research:

The team at the Newcastle Ataxia Centre is also involved in various research projects. Patients who are interested may therefore have the opportunity to take part in research. The aim of many of these projects is to improve assessments of patients for future clinical trials.

Current projects include:

  • Finding new genes using next generation sequencing diagnosis.
  • Understanding and improving walking and co-ordination.

Anyone interested in getting an appointment to attend the Ataxia clinic should ask their doctor or neurologist for a referral. Referrals are accepted from GPs and neurologists throughout the UK. For a printer friendly version of this page to bring to your GP for a referral, click here.  

Contact details for adult referrals to Ataxia UK accredited Ataxia clinic:

Dr Rita Horvath

Department of Neurology

Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS trust

Royal Victoria Infirmary

Queen Victoria Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4LP

Children can be referred to Dr V Ramesh’s clinic at the same address.